Howie the Chatterbot

Copyright (c) 2003-2004 Cort Stratton (cort at cortstratton dot org)

Another Fine Product from Your Friends At Dangerware

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Chat with Howie online! His screennames are cortserver (AIM), (Jabber), (MSN) and 235923147 (ICQ). NOTE: He might not be online at all times...

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Howie is a conversational AI -- a computer program you can talk to. He is designed to be simple to install, configure and (above all) extend.

Howie is Friendly.

Currently, Howie is willing to discuss religion, sports, sex (reluctantly), and philosophy. He even knows a little German!

Howie is Helpful.

Howie is able to answer most questions of the form "Who/what/where/when is/was/are/were X?" -- though his answers are occasionally more entertaining than accurate. He can also help find rhymes for a word, or tell you what an acronym means. He will someday provide definitions or synonyms for any word in the dictionary, query your address book, and even perform a few simple remote system-administration tasks!

Howie is Connected.

You can communicate with Howie in a number of different ways: AIM, MSN Messenger, Jabber Chat, XML-RPC, or locally on the command-line. Future versions will include interfaces for HTTP, IRC, ICQ, Zephyr, and more! Howie's knowledge base is made up of a wide variety of Internet resources. If you find something that he can't do, it's usually pretty straightforward to teach him!

System Requirements

Howie has been tested on Windows XP, Red Hat Linux and NetBSD. However, he should work on any system that meets the following requirements:


Okay, I've been severely lax in my documenting duties. Currently, all I've got is a mailing list for Howie users, and a severely underpopulated FAQ.


All releases are available at the Sourceforge page.


Windows Binary Kit

Source Distribution

Future Plans


I hate legalese. This software is free to use and distribute however you'd like. I'm not aware of any catastrophic bugs, but please don't come crying to me if this software fries your board. Void where prohibited. No purchase necessary. You must be 18 or older to make this call. For indoor or outdoor use ONLY. We live for the One, we die for the One.


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